Events – Valerie Taylor

In common with Alexander technique I work to dissolve away blocks that get in the way of us fulfilling our potential.

I use anatomy taught in a sensory and creative way to understand the body better. We apply this new understanding to many fine and gross motor activities. In learning a new activity our bodies have to go on a journey to process the new movements before making them our own. We learn how to unfold into movement; to dissolve away fear; to use rhythm and imagination to create fluid pathways.

We learn the different challenges of juggling scarves, balls and clubs; spin plates, throw diabolos and devilsticks, twirl pois and occasionally ride unicycles. Each activity presents us with an opportunity to transform our movement habits as we break down each activity into easily accessible steps.

Children’s dexterity games such as cat’s cradle are practised. The shapes are told with a story to aid movement, and eventually done with eyes closed to develop sensory and spatial awareness.

Touch, balance and movement are explored to experience the centre and the periphery of the body. We see how to engage only the essential muscles needed for each movement, thus allowing other muscles to accommodate to the activity and not ‘block’ it.

Together we go on a journey of discovery, which is both educational and fun.