Writing the whole self – Creative writing meets Alexander Technique

Through a series of gently facilitated exercises, we will have the opportunity to hear what our bodies have to say and see how this influences our creative processes and our perception of ourselves. No experience necessary.

We will explore the self through:

  • Applying Alexander Technique to writing
  • Writing from the outside
  • Writing from the inside
  • Communicating with our physical selves

            Friday 24th January,  Friday 21st February and Friday  20th March 2020
Time:              10.30am – 12.30pm
Cost:               £24 each or £60 for all 3 sessions.
Venue:          York Alexander Technique Centre, The Gatehouse, York Cemetery,
Cemetery Road, York, YO10 5AJ

These workshops will be facilitated by Lesley Glover Alexander Technique teacher.

To book or for more information contact Lesley Glover: 01430 432986/07941 668026