Individual Lessons

The Alexander Technique is mainly taught through one-to-one lessons with a qualified teacher. This ensures that one’s individual needs are addressed.

Initially you work with simple, everyday movements, such as standing, sitting or walking, with special consideration given to the issues you may have come with. Part of the lesson can involve lying on a table so you can experience how your head, neck and back can release constricted muscles, allowing you to increase the capacity for freedom of movement.

The teacher uses explanation and a guiding touch to help you re-discover balance and ease within yourself. Through experience and observation, you learn how your co-ordination works, how you create tension and how you can prevent or release it.

This awareness enables you to change long-standing habits and function more efficiently. You can then use your new understanding and skill in more complex and demanding activities.

You can book a lesson with any of the YATC Teaching Team, who teach in venues in York, Pocklington and Howden.
If you are interested in having an introductory lesson, or if you have some experience and want to pursue it further, you can find the contact details below or use the contact form here.

Lena Schibel Mason  York: 01904 651367 Contact
Pam Mason York: 01904 414640 Contact
Mary Greene York: 01904 414793
Lesley Glover Howden, East Yorkshire: 01430 432986
Jane Clappison Pocklington, East Yorkshire: 01759 307282