Term dates 2019-20


Autumn term 2019

Monday 16th September – Thursday 10th October

Week off Monday 14th October

Monday 21st October – Thursday 14th November

Week off Monday 18th November

Monday 28th November – Thursday 19th December

12 weeks. 4,4,4

Spring term 2020

Monday 6th January – Thursday 13th February

Week off Monday 17th February

Monday 24th February – Thursday 2nd April

12 weeks 6,6

Summer term 2020

Monday 20th April – Thursday 28th May

Week off. Monday 1st June

Monday 8th June – Thursday 16th July

12 weeks 6,6

Prospective students please note: some of these dates could be altered if necessary, for instance if a new student needed to have them more in line with school holidays.