Teacher Training


The Teacher Training programme offers unique, individually tailored courses for both new students wanting to train to be Alexander teachers, and also for qualified teachers who wish to continue their professional development.

The three year, full time Alexander Technique teacher training course, accredited by the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT), follows STAT guidelines, and sets a standard of excellence which our graduates embody when teaching.

There are no formal or academic requirements to attend the course. Prospective students are expected to make themselves familiar with the Technique by having a course of private Alexander lessons, visiting the training course and having an interview with the heads of training. There is the possibility of joining anytime after this. We will send you an application form when you contact us to discuss your wish to train at YATC.

The focus of the training is ‘An Examined Life’ Socrates, (also the title of a book by Marjory Barlow). Our habits can easily program us for the rest of our lives unless we examine them. If we consciously direct ourselves we can introduce more and more choice into our life. In this way we can chose to become freer human beings. The course encourages the individual personal development of each student during their training. Whatever the activity, the teacher’s aim is always to facilitate each student’s developing personal experience and understanding of the Technique.

Fees: £1,400 per term or £4,200 per year.
Term dates:  term dates.
Hours: The course runs from Mon to Thurs for four hours daily with a half hour break.  Mon. 12-4pm; Tues-Thurs 9am-1pm.

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